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Shopping Benefits

There are variety ways to save your pennies!

Shopping Benefits
Coupon Type Details
Instant Coupon
  • This coupon is applied to a specific item only.
  • This coupon gives an instant discount to a specific item as you pay.
Discount Coupon
  • You can use this coupon to discount item price.
  • You can apply this coupon to any items under given conditions of use.
  • Must be downloaded to use.
  • Applicable to a single item only.
Sale Price
  • Discounted price of an item for a limited period.
  • You can find ‘Sale’ icon to see which items are on sale.
Payment Discount
  • Additional discount you get by paying in a lump sum with your credit card.
  • All international card users may claim this discount, so check it out!
  • This discount is applied to items over KRW 200,000 value.
    (Some items can be exempted)
  • It’s a cash-like point you can use for payment.
  • You can claim L-money by participating in our variable promotions.
  • Claim L-money and use it to pay for your items!

Find Global Shipping Items

Check “Global Shipping" icons before you order. Only items with "Global Shipping" icons are eligible for shipping globally. But it doesn’t mean that those items can be sent to your country. Due to your country’s customs conditions, items can be restricted for shipping. Please make sure to check ‘Shipping Countries’ before you proceed to check-out!

Only items with "Global Shipping" icons are eligible for shipping globally.